Placement test namenjen odraslima (iznad 16 god.)

  1. Can you tell me your surname?

  2. This tree looks dead.

  3. I hope it doesn't snow.

  4. Are you going to go to the park soon?

  5. Who gave you this shirt, Peter?

  6. Shall we go to the cinema tonight?

  7. Do you mind if I say something?

  8. There's someone waiting at the door.

  9. There's someone waiting at the door.

  10. How long are you here for?

  11. Anna, have you had enough to eat?

  12. That's my jacket over there.

  13. Let's go by train.

  14. Do you know my friend Betty?

  15. Would you like some milk in your coffee or not?

  16. I hope I haven't _____ you any problems by changing the plan.

  17. The floor here is wet: don't walk here or you could _____!

  18. When you come to see Marc, _____ your book with you.

  19. Rachel arrived at the store _____ as the manager was closing.

  20. I would _____ to stay with you and watch a movie.

  21. Is there _____ of drinks for everyone?

  22. Is there _____ of drinks for everyone?

  23. _____ the step when you climb the stairs.

  24. _____ stay here if it's too difficult to go back.

  25. No _____Jerry is happy when you think how many competitions he has won recently.