Serbian for Foreigners

Serbian for Foreigners


If you are in Serbia on business or for your own pleasure, we offer you the possibility to learn or master your Serbian efficiently and quickly. The lessons take place 3 times weekly, and each level contains 36 lessons x 90min. Besides learning Serbian you'll also learn a lot about our country and its diversity, our culture and traditions, long and rich history, great tourist attractions and...the language itself.

This course is for those who want to develop all the Serbian language skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening. However, you will spend most of the time developing your communication skills in Serbian. You will learn the most useful phrases to help you in everyday communication, but you will also receive a strong grounding in grammar.


Thanks to our small groups you will spend your time during the lesson more effectively. You will also learn faster because you will have the teacher’s full attention.

Individual courses of the Serbian language are for those who have different needs, prefer learning one-to-one, or for those whose work does not allow them to attend regular classes. Individual courses allow higher flexibility when it comes to learning materials, starting date and number of lessons.

You can either tailor a course for yourself or choose a ready-made programme for individual students.

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